A&D Firewood

5753 County Rd 29, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0


We are located on HWY 29 just outside Almonte Ontario. A&D Firewood has been in business for over ten years, preparing a variety of firewood products for both household and commercial usage.

Bagged Wood Delivered

We currently offer bagged wood to approximately 100 different campgrounds and retail locations throughout the Eastern Ontario region. We provide traditional firewood cutting and splitting as well as custom cutting for outside wood furnaces and other specific firewood applications.

Quality Firewood

A&D Firewood - Bag Wood - We take great pride in our quality of firewood, and truly recognize that it is the quality of the firewood that encourages our customer loyalty and their return business. That was the attitude we had when we discovered the benefits of using our green mesh bags. We didn't like the black mold that was produced when the wood was stored in plastic for too long, and we needed a solution.

Naturally Seasoned Hardwood

"Bagwood" - Naturally Seasoned Hardwood (1 Cubic Foot Stacked)
Our number one seller! Our Bagwood is recognizable throughout the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region. A guaranteed seller at convenience stores, service stations and grocery stores, this renewable commodity is quickly becoming a popular alternative energy source for urban homeowners looking to supplement their gas and oil expenditures.
For Commercial Campgrounds, the pre-packaged hardwood is a real time-saver in campsite maintenance. Coupled with our softwood kindling, it's a simple task to supply a camp site with the necessary firewood for a campfire that will last well into the night.
(Primary contents: Oak, Ash, Maple, Beach)
Wholesale pricing available on request

Bagged Kindling

Bagged Kindling - Naturally Seasoned Softwood (.5 Cubic Foot Stacked)
Ever try to start a fire with hardwood? Not much fun is it.
Our softwood kindling makes for the perfect companion to our bagged hardwood. Just a handful of split seasoned kindling is all that is needed to get immediate heat. Within a few short minutes you'll be adding our seasoned hardwood to the fire, and you'll be good to go.
Another popular seller for retail locations, and a must have for commercial campgrounds. Using the same mesh bag technology, our bagged kindling maintains quality for extended periods.
(Primary Content: Pine, Cedar)
Wholesale pricing available on request


What doesn't make the Cord wood grade. Well it's not that pretty, and it doesn't stack quite as nice as the cord wood, but it certainly does burn just the same. It's the simple truth that every log will create a little camp wood quality product. And we feel nothing should go to waste, so we offer this wood for sale at reduced cost by weight. Pick-up only...